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Request An Appointment

The team at Eva’s Bridal Center is honored you have selected us to help you shop for your bridal gown, bridesmaid dresses, accessories and more! Established in 1946, Eva’s is Milwaukee’s the most iconic name in bridal – and we are ready for you!

Kindly note the following: 

The appointment request tool below is not necessarily a live look at the schedule/availability at Eva’s Bridal Center. If the time you requested is not available, a team member will default to scheduling you the closest time slot available. An appointment is officially booked only after you receive an appointment confirmation email and/or text from Eva’s Bridal Center. 

Brides are encouraged to keep their group to five guests. This group size allows everyone to get the most out of the shopping experience regarding timing, space, etc.

Brides wishing to bring more than five guests should let the Eva’s team know ahead of time so we can best prepare – larger groups may require a private appointment at an additional expense.