What To Do For Your Something Blue!

Our favorite “something blue” ideas are the ones that are unique and meaningful.  We’ve compiled many thoughtful ideas and put them together for you to enjoy.  Let us know what you think!   We would love feedback and to hear all about your unique ideas!


You could sew a blue heart into the inside of your dress.  One of our brides brought in a heart cut from the shirt her father wore on the day she was born. You could also see if your fiancé’s parents still have any of his (blue) baby clothes or blankets and use that as your special fabric. Or, did your fiancé wear blue on your first date? Maybe he still has the shirt!

Another meaningful way to incorporate blue is to use a photo charm or locket to honor someone you love.  Just tie the photo charm to your bouquet with blue ribbon. This is an intimate and subtle way to remember someone you have lost and keep them close to your heart on your special day.


Another hidden way to incorporate blue is to get a tag made with your new initials and wedding date and have this sewn into your dress somewhere.

The zipper charm (top left) is one of our favorites. It’s classy and subtle. You could make it meaningful by using a charm that is given to you by someone you love.  If you have buttons instead of a zipper, you can replace one with a blue crystal button.


A blue hair piece is a fun and bold way to add blue. If it coordinates with your color theme, go for it!

You can also consider blue eye make up (bottom left). Blue liner especially makes brown eyes pop.

And, there are so many fun ideas for nail art!  We are loving this tiny little blue heart on the ring finger.  And, hey, if he gets nervous, it’ll be a nice little reminder which finger the ring goes on and that you love him.


You can wear blue shoes for a pop of color or you could have your bridal party write a little message to you on the bottom of your shoe in blue writing.  This creates a great keepsake…unless you dance in them all night!


Tiny details let you show your blue without clashing with your color scheme. We love the idea of adding a blue bead and pearls to the back of your necklace to wear with low-back dresses.


Make blue a part of your dress by adding a blue sash or blue crinoline to your dress.

Another great idea is to get your new name stitched into the lining of your dress. This makes for adorable pictures when your husband is taking off the garter!


Lastly, you don’t necessarily have to “wear” the blue. If your colors are blue, add blue to your bouquet.  We came across this stunning brooch bouquet, which is oh-so-dreamy!  The sapphire really stands out and is a great conversation piece!

Hopefully this gave you a few ideas of ‘what to do for something blue’ for your big day!

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