How to Find the Right Dress for Your Body Type!

Check out these tips to help you find the style dress that best fits your body type!

Hour Glass:

If your bust and hips have approximately the same measurements and your waist is at least four inches smaller, then you are considered to have the infamous hourglass figure…Lucky you!!  This means you can pull off almost any style dress, but the most flattering styles will be either a mermaid, A-line  or trumpet.  A mermaid style dress with a ruched bodice will accentuate your curves and narrow waist.  To tone down the curves, a trumpet or slim A-line style dress will emphasize your defined waist without over-emphasizing your hips.



If you have broad shoulders and your hips are more narrow than your top half of your body, then you have a what is called a triangle shape. V-Neck dresses with straps are ideal for you as it will play down your shoulders and give them a narrower look. Empire waist dresses, A-lines, and ball gowns will also flatter your shape by creating balance between your top and bottom halves of your body.

EMPIRE ballgown

Pear Shape:

If your hips are your dominant feature, then you fall under the pear shape category. You may want to reconsider a mermaid style dress, as this will accentuate your already dominant feature. A-line looks best on pear shape bodies because it shows off your figure without making you look too “hippy” (as many brides call it).  This style gives the appearance of the envied hourglass figure by creating a balance while emphasizing the narrowest part of your waist.  Ball gowns and princess style dresses will also do the trick.


Apple Shape:

If your widest measurement is around your torso, then you are considered to have an apple shape. Opt for dresses that elongate your frame such as an empire waistline or an A-line dress with a sweetheart, V or plunge neckline. An A-line dress with a drop waist and corset back will synch in the narrowest part of your waist and flare out from there, creating an hourglass look.  This beautiful gown is a great example of an elongating and slimming gown that flatters an apple-shaped figure.


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